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    I’ve seen quite a few posts about drug use in the Pagan tag recently and it is starting to concern me.

    You don’t have to use mind altering drugs to have spiritual experiences. You don’t need to use mind altering drugs to contact deities.

    Anyone who tells you that you do need to is someone you…

    100% Agree

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  2. Blimey, been a while since I heard this!

Now Playing- Runaway- The Corrs 

#runaway #corrs #thecorrs #folk #pagan #paganism

    Blimey, been a while since I heard this! Now Playing- Runaway- The Corrs #runaway #corrs #thecorrs #folk #pagan #paganism

  3. Meditation is key to finding peace. Clearing ones mind and escaping to a place where you can relax your mind, body and soul is healing.

    People do this in many different ways. Some people relax in the park. Others smoke marijuana.

    I like to burn incense and candles, sit comfortably, close my eyes, and play the above playlist. I find that music can take you to places that nothing else can.

    Emptying your mind of everything that is going on in the world, all your problems, upsets, worries and fears. This will not come easily first time around. You have to work at it. The more you try to reach that sound and peaceful mind, the more at peace you will become.

    Breathe in the relaxing scents from the incense and listen to the music, as it takes you away from the world. In this subconscious paradise, you can feel the music, and through relaxing music you can find a place in your mind where you are ultimately relaxed. Drinking any form of tea is also a good relaxation tool.

    As you stimulate this peaceful part of the mind, it reduces all of these mentally huge fears in your life. In relaxing in this part of your mind, you feel all the negativity be reduced to the size of a pebble in your hand, instead of it being an overbearing boulder, looming over head. You are now in control and have a clearer mind of what you wish to do with that pebble, and in which direction you can throw it. 

    I strongly recommend this playlist, and this method of meditation. It was worked miracles for me, and I feel so much happier and more peaceful in doing so. However, people have their own ways of doing so, as only you can relax your mind. Find a way to meditate that is best for you. 

  4. I did not insinuate that they were “super open-minded”. I’m saying that they are far more accepting than they used to be. Of course, you are going to find Christians who are extreme followers. I, myself am Polysexual, and have experienced my fair share of hate. But, it would be a generalisation to say that Christians as an all encompassing group are homophobic or judgemental. I have many Christian friends who are supportive of my beliefs and sexuality. My post was to encourage people to encourage others to NOT spread hate or judgements. 

  5. 15 years on, and it still reduces me to tears

  6. asieybarbie:

    ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

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  7. Thousands of years ago, there was huge conflict between Pagans and Christians. Rome, was the greatest power in the world and was newly reborn into the faith of Christianity. Thus, the slaughter of thousands of Pagans took place at the hands of Rome. Even following that, hundreds of years ago, there was mass killings of “witches” combatting what the witch fearing Monarchy believed to be destroying the crops of the kingdom in the UK, America and other such effected areas. 

    These acts were dreadful, hate driven and inexcusable.

    However, we are hundreds of years on now. So much has changed. I see Christians on here who spread hate and judgements, and disregard us for our beliefs. These are people who do not have a proper understanding of the bigger picture.

    Equally so, I have seen Pagans who have been just as judgemental and unkind. Christianity is not what it was hundreds of years ago. It is a far more giving, understanding and open-minded religion. We too, Pagans, have developed into a greater and far more understanding society.

    I for one am not a Christian in any aspect, and I follow my own path in Paganism. However, I have met numerous Christian priests and spoken with them in great detail on their views of people who are not Christian, but follow another faith, and so many of them have been wise, and caring people. They have all said how they do not judge people for their beliefs, and how they don’t disregard anyone for being right or wrong. Just a different perspective on the same aim; happiness.

    Every religion, faith, belief and pathway has it’s dark areas. Areas we wish weren’t there. But, we all have a common aim, and that aim is happiness, love and peace. We approach it in different way, but that does’t mean we should be in any sort of physical, verbal or mental conflict. 

    Happiness comes from inside us. We don’t find happiness outside of our being. We inspire happiness from inside ourselves. Peace, is a global concept of happiness. How can we reach such an aim if we are going to be casting judgements and negative energies towards our neighbouring faiths. We should be respectful to everyones faith. Agree to disagree and let us go about looking after one another in our own way. 

    So, please. Stop fighting, stop casting judgements. Let us help and teach those who do cast judgements that we all want the same thing, and hate will never be the answer. 

  8. barefoot-vegan:

    I’d love to answer but I’ve never heard of those shops before
    ~ maybe someone else can help?

    If the anon is still reading this, I recommend buying Quorn products, which is basically a substitute for meat and tastes absolutely fab. If they don’t sell that brand, there are vegetarian options from scratch. I recommend any vegetarian cookbook, especially Vegetarian Nosh for Students. Fantastic book for recipes and ingredients on what to cook and how. It even gives a template shopping list and how much it will cost. 

    Any sort of meat substitute such as Quorn or tofü is always good. Unless, you wish to turn Vegan, then best not buy these, as it uses egg and mushroom to make the mix.  Paneer cheese, or any sort of cheese really is fine. Just be mindful of whether or not they use animal fat to preserve it. I always check, just in case, but they’re usually pretty good and aren’t. Once again, if you’re turning Vegan, it’s not necessarily the direction to go in.

     A general collection of fruits and vegetables for shopping. A weekly shopping for me would be a couple of red onions, a lettuce, two peppers, 4 large carrots, a large stalk of broccoli, a bag of large potatoes, cabbage, a stalk of cauliflower, three large tomatoes, a box of mushrooms, apples and bananas. 

    Pulses and nuts are also a big thing if you want to turn vegan, as they help with the protein substitution. But, I’ll leave that down to your discretion as to what you want amongst them. 

    You should be able to get any of these from your local supermarket or your local grocers (not the book, look online). If not, local street markets always have this stuff for a VERY cheap price. 

    Hope this helps! :D

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    I’m a pagan that promotes a trans friendly pagan community.
    Its important to make everyone in the community feel welcomed and safe

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  10. The person in the second photo is my best friend, vince-n0ir and she is amazing. The great thing about Izzi and I is that we can quite literally do NOTHING and be utterly content. Chat for hours about anything we want, and not get bored. We watch a lot of films together, sure. But, we can quite literally do nothing and still have the best time. 

    This evening, as the sun began to set, out on my garden decking, we burned incense, we listened to music and drank cider. 

    She is a true and perfect friend, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. I feel so fortunate to have such a generous, kind, loving, funny, beautiful, honest and wonderful person in my life. She makes me feel at peace, she supports and loves me, more than any friend could ever hope for. Thank you Izzi. I love you.

  11. Yesterday, my Mum, my step-dad, my little brother and I went the woods. We went bug searching and nature walking. It was so tranquil and beautiful. Sometimes, people need to just take a minute and take everything in. 

    In the woods, there is a beautiful stone circle, where a tree has grown around an iron fence. It’s so unique here, and there are deep, beautiful energies surrounding the area. 

    The trees are so old. They are so beautiful and aged, and you can feel their wisdom, and all they have seen and felt. Their beautiful, wise and comforting aura is one of the most magical feelings I have ever experienced. 

    My Step-Dad had bought a really cute bug searching kit, which had a checklist of different common bugs, a little pot to observe them in, and a little scissor pot (scissors but a pot on the end instead of blades). It reminds me of the days when I was my young brothers age, and how I used to do the very same thing. It’s wonderful, the memories of days gone by that can be re-called when teaching your siblings about the wonders of the world. 

    I decided to crawl down a river bank and look inside a damp clump of leaves. Gently searching through the leaves, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to find a little baby Frog. It was no bigger than a finger nail. So fragile and gentle, I returned it to it’s home. Beautiful experiences like this remind me how fragile nature is, and how we have to cherish it, and care for it. We can’t be rough with it. It’s our home. Our very existence. The Earth is dying with every drop of pollution we make, and it needs to stop. Such a beautiful planet, such a beautiful world.

    Bug searching, finding the baby frog, finding millipedes, Butterflies, little fish, admiring the trees, lying in the fields in the sun. I am so lucky to have not only my family, but an incredibly magical and beautiful world to live in. 

  12. We climbed trees too! (mainly @bitch__jerk ) #nature #love #pagan #paganism

    We climbed trees too! (mainly @bitch__jerk ) #nature #love #pagan #paganism

  13. Today, @bitch__jerk and I reconnected with mother nature and made a friend 💚🙏 #love #nature #caterpillar #pagan #paganism

    Today, @bitch__jerk and I reconnected with mother nature and made a friend 💚🙏 #love #nature #caterpillar #pagan #paganism

  14. Half way up #tree #love #nature #lovenature

    Half way up #tree #love #nature #lovenature


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